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Criminal Check

Criminal Check

Our international criminal history checks provide the most robust multinational coverage possible by offering a flexible mix of available and permissible searches in countries where candidates have lived and worked.

Robust Multinational Coverage

The top reasons employers worldwide perform criminal background checks are simple: enhanced workplace safety and employee security. Knowing in advance if a candidate has a violent, threatening or high-risk criminal history, helps employers make stronger hiring decisions based on their organisational risk tolerance, job-specific requirements, industry regulations and other factors. Yet, when it comes to the process of actually performing criminal searches in other countries outside of your location, things get more complicated. This is where IBC can help.

Our International Criminal History Checks provide the most expansive, robust multinational criminal record coverage possible by offering a flexible mix of available and permissible searches in countries where candidates have lived and worked. Our extensive global footprint, spanning 98% of countries, gives employers around the world the localised, in-country experience and relationships they trust to quickly deliver the most reliable, accurate and comprehensive criminal record information possible. We have done the research, formed the localised relationships and established a streamlined, centralised criminal record fulfillment process.

We Help Employers

  • Protect employees, customers and the broader workplace against employee-related risk
  • Gain maximum permissible insight into a candidate‚Äôs criminal background with a smart, diverse mix of criminal record checks
  • Strengthen compliance with local, regional and international criminal record restrictions through our dedicated focus on global compliance
  • Preserve time, money and resources by using a single, user-friendly online platform for ordering criminal record searches around the world

Flexible Criminal History Options

Criminal background checks are not always available in every country. 70 per cent of the searches we complete globally are done by our own staff and where we rely on partners, rigorous vendor screening has taken place. Depending on location, we can suggest a combination of the following:

  • Criminal Check: This check searches national or local jurisdiction for criminal record histories, or a Certificate of Convictions / No Criminal Record, depending on local best practice
  • Criminal Certificate Validation (CCV): This check requires a candidate to obtain their own Certificate of Convictions / Certificate of No Criminal Record, and IBC will validate if the certificate is legitimate