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About IBC

About IBC

IBC is founded & lead by professionals who are among the most experienced in the global screening industry. Having served Fortune 500 clients for almost a decade, our team has diverse experience in running screening operations across India and we represent 152 countries professionals working to deliver background checks and investigation solutions worldwide.

IBC Foundation Philosophy

At IBC we provide authentic results which are gathered and submitted to our clients each day. This physical, daily, in-person research effort has differentiated our firm from competitors since it gives our clients certain evidence from the original public record or source file itself. Unquestionably, our firm's established history is defined by our approach toward daily, legal compliance, ethical conduct, accurate, reliable, and timely background screening results. You may have many vendors to choose from, at first glance, we may all appear to be the same. Upon closer inspection you will find what sets IBC Verification apart, our philosophy is very simple we just deliver what everyone else has promised. The difference you expect quality and relationships that last.

Scrutiny with a commitment to accuracy each employment background check undergoes extensive assurance measures. We have adapted a pre employment screening methodology based upon our unique industry expertise protecting your company, employees and clients from personal and financial risk. Timely Employment Background Checks 94.6% of pre employment screening reports are completed within 7-10 business days allowing you to make qualified decision quickly and easily

Why order Verifications?

The gloomy economic weather underscores the need for professionals and managers to safeguard their company against frauds. Due to fewer jobs in the market prospective employees become more desperate to get a job; therefore chances of resume embellishments identity thefts, forged documents, fake degree and many such frauds hence increase Creating Value through Verifications Employee verifications are conducted as a proactive measure to mitigate risk. It works out for the benefit of the employee too, as it ensures a good job fit, and therefore is a preventive tool against a bad hire. It focuses on process improvement and avoids negligence caused by target oriented volume hires. It empowers HR personnel to make much better and informed decisions.

According to the IBC 2017 Employment Screening Benchmarking Report, 79% of respondents reported that background screening has exposed a person who lied on a resume.

IBC researchers are specialist in gathering exactly this type of background information from all over the world, with extensive knowledge in obtaining verification data from former employers, educational institutions, and licensing bodies. Our customers appreciate such valuable benefits as:

  • Established relationships with data sources
  • Up-to-date lists of known diploma mills
  • Ability (at our customers’ direction) to address unresponsive sources by keeping a service open longer.