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Financial Check

Financial Check

Our global financial background checks help you acquire relevant, job-specific insights about candidates you are considering for positions with fiduciary responsibility. Perform permissible and appropriate searches quickly.

Better Understand Fiscal Responsibility & Avoid "International Gaps"

Before hiring employees who will have access to money, financial information or any type of fiduciary responsibility— regardless of whether it’s an entry-level cashier position or a C-suite post—employers need job-specific finance-related insights about those candidates. In some countries, gaining these insights may be a simple matter of requesting a credit check on the candidate. However, when candidates live—or have lived or worked—in other countries, it becomes more complicated. For instance, credit scores are not regularly available for employment purposes.

IBC Knows What Is Available And What Is Not

With three types of financial checks available for employment purposes, organisations can better understand how candidates handle fiscal responsibility without worrying about the “international gaps” that can sometimes occur when candidates have lived in other countries.

  • Easily perform permissible and appropriate employment-related financial searches from practically anywhere in the world, including countries where credit scores aren’t allowed.
  • Acquire relevant, job-specific financial insights about candidates to help strengthen hiring decisions for roles with fiduciary responsibility.
  • Accelerate report reviewing and hiring by receiving financial information that is consistently formatted within a candidate’s background report, regardless of where it comes from.
  • Streamline and centralise the hiring process by managing all global financial checks, along with all other employment screening searches on one platform

Available Multinational Financial Checks

To ensure optimal coverage, clients may choose to use a combination of these searches, depending on location and availability. Also, it is important to note that while a financial check may be available, employers should take extra care to substantiate job-relatedness before ordering a financial check for employment purposes.

  • Credit Check: Searches a credit-reporting agency or public or private database. Details may include financial judgements, litigation and collection matters.
  • Bankruptcy Check: Searches various sources to determine an individual’s bankruptcy history. Results may include bankruptcy dates, judicial decisions, assets and liabilities and/or bankruptcy status.
  • Civil Litigation Check: Searches for civil suit type records relating to financial issues, such as the outcomes of a bankruptcy court, or a dispute regarding payments that has escalated to a court.