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Why do CV Validation?

Businesses generally rely on information provided in a resume to offer compensation packages, promotions and job responsibilities. However, many job applicants and employees provide false credentials, education and employment history to appear more qualified to grab lucrative jobs. Offering benefits to an unqualified individual based on an exaggerated resume could waste time, money and efforts on training besides negatively impacting a company’s productivity and increasing turnover rate.

CV Validation can help prevent bad hires by validating the candidate’s work experience and education before making a hiring decision.

Key Validations

At IBC, we conduct CV validation process to validate key information related to a candidate. This involves comparing facts mentioned in the CV against details filled up in the Candidate Information Form/Background Verification Form for inconsistencies. In resume verification, key details are cross checked for correctness of the information regarding the following areas:

  • Previous employment information like designation, tenure and more
  • Education credentials