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Why do Education Check?

The top roles within any organisation require candidates with very particular and credible educational qualifications. The responsibility delegated to these roles is extremely high as well. This is precisely the reason why verification of educational qualifications is extremely important.

There have been many instances in the past where candidates have lied about their educational qualifications just to apply for a lucrative role within an organisation. In addition to that, candidates usually do certificate courses from top international colleges and project them in a way that the employer believes that they have done a marquee program instead. Verification of educational documents is hence the only way to uncover the truth.

Key Validations

Ensure that the candidate has not made any false claims pertaining to their academic achievements and educational qualifications.

Education verification should hence be performed on those qualification(s) of the candidate that were ‘mandatory’ for him/her to get the job that he/she has been offered. Some aspects / antecedents that we authenticate during education background check are:

  • Roll No./Registration No. of the candidate
  • The course pursued/passed by the candidate
  • The year of course completion
  • Genuineness of pass certification
  • The affiliation and accreditation check of the institute/course