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Employment Check

Why do Employment Check?

Employee background check assures you of the professional experience a candidate claims to have for the role you want to hire him for. Any difference between what a candidate stated and IBC verified in dates of joining or leaving the previous company could mean a serious reliability issue and usually calls for a deeper probe before hiring.

Key Validations

Employee background screening can be performed for any of the past employments of the candidate. Using our extensive network, latest technology and domain expertise, we reach out to employers across 137 countries globally to deliver brief, precise, insightful and internationally compliant employment background check results. Our questionnaires and report templates are highly configurable; hence making this process work the way our clients want. Verify the details provided by the candidate with regards to their previous employment, tenure, designation, CTC and nature of exit. Some features that we authenticate during employee background screening are:

  • Does the Company that the candidate claims to have worked for exists or did exist during the period of employment and is a genuine employer?
  • Has the Candidate worked with that Company as a full-time/ part-time employee?
  • What was his Designation and tenure of employment?
  • Was his role in that employer in line with whatever he has stated in his resume?
  • Who was the candidate’s reporting manager?
  • What was the candidate’s feedback at the previous employer? Will he/she be considered for rehire?