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Why do Litigation Database Check?

Any job that demands a candidate to handle sensitive information and/or be in a position where s/he can be corrupted in course of duty requires a previous litigation search. Researches conducted in the past have shown that people with criminal history are more likely to commit the same or other crimes again if an opportunity arises.

Even when the decision to employ someone with past litigation history is at the discretion of an organization, the litigation database check at least helps in making an informed decision.

Key Validations

IBC has aggregated millions of Indian litigation records and indexed them intelligently to make them searchable quickly and efficiently. Our team of analysts further analyse every result thus obtained to eliminate false matches and make the final report extremely quick to assimilate for our end clients. No wonder, some of the largest organizations in India trust us for their employee, vendor and partner litigation searches.

This check verifies the existence of any criminal or civil records by searching data released by courts in public domain. The courts searches include:

  • District Civil Courts & Tribunals
  • High Courts
  • Supreme Court