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Why do Police Verification?

The job market in India is witnessing a boom. Not only people from rural areas are moving to urban areas for a better job, but the Indian market has also attracted a lot of foreign nationals to pursue their career.

In such an environment, it can be a challenge knowing who is genuine and who isn’t. The safety of other employees in the organisation is at stake if a criminal record verification is not conducted. A police verification service can help corporates unearth any skeletons in the prospective hire’s closet, thereby saving them from making a terrible mistake.

When it comes to police verification, a criminal record verification can help management know if a candidate has a criminal history and whether he/she can be trusted or not.

Rise in technology has made it easy for individuals to fake their identity and pretend to be someone they’re not. The sequence of incidents involving fake documentation, forged signatures and false promises of jobs, marriages and college seats has left everyone shaken.

Police verification can help individuals and organisations eliminate these threats by understanding if the person they’re in contact with is worthy of trust or not. Using various checks such as litigation database check, criminal record check, court record check; police verification can help us get a bird’s eye-view of the person we’re having inspected.

Key Validations

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